Our Restructuring and Insolvency Work

Restructuring and Insolvency work is a highly complex area of law and often time-pressured and extremely urgent.  Be assured we have over 20 years of experience and can therefore hit the ground running.  Our consultations are 100% confidential and your queries can be dealt with discreetly and swifly.  We are set up to be parachuted in to any business crisis to control the situation and use all the available legal tools to both protect our Clients’ business and also ring fence their personal wealth wherever possible.

We will effect a commercial solution to any insolvency-related business crisis.  We have a wealth of experience dealing with parties on both sides of an insolvency situation: Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, Companies, Directors, and Individuals.

There are many different types of formal insolvency and a multitude of contractual restructuring tools that can be utilised independently or alongside.  We understand each process and are ideally placed to consider and implement the best option for our Clients . We are fully conversant in company administrations, receiverships, liquidations (solvent and insolvent voluntary liquidations and compulsory liquidations) and company voluntary arrangements (CVAs). We also deal with individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and bankruptcies.  We are also primed to deal with the new Schemes of Arrangement and Monitor-supervised Moratoriums introduced by the Covid-19 driven 2020 Insolvency legislation.  If your business has been affected severely by the pandemic we are here to help.

We not take formal insolvency appointments as administrator/liquidator etc. so there is no incentive for us to encourage a Client towards a formal insolvency: we try to maintain a viable trading business outside of a formal insolvency process wherever possible.  In the event that this is not possible, we will work with Clients to recommend a suitable insolvency practitioner to be appointed.

In many insolvent situations that we encounter, a business asset sale is required to transfer a viable business from an insolvent company into a new stable company. We have a wealth of experience in such business asset transfers and acts for both sellers and purchasers in such situations.

We also act for business owners who are wishing to support their business with their own funds: we can advise on how to inject this funding to ensure that the owner is protected to the maximum extent possible in the event of the eventual insolvency of the business if the rescue plan should prove to be unsuccessful (for example, via a private debenture).

We can act in conflict of interest situations alongside other firms where a company and its directors need to be advised separately due to the potential insolvency of the business.  Our role is always tailored to fit the individual situation.

A noticeable percentage of our work is acting for individuals being pursued/sued by an insolvency practitioner due to transactions that they entered into prior to the insolvency.  Please note that commending an insolvency is not the end of a problem as the insolvency practitioner has a wealth of claims available to challenge the pre-insolvency actions of the business owner/Director.  Whilst we can assist in these cases, it is so much easier if we are consulted before a formal insolvency is commenced so we can flag any likely post-insolvency litigation risks to our Client and try to protect against these.

We act for individuals looking to purchase the equity in their homes from a trustee in bankruptcy.

We also act for solvent businesses to protect them against the potential insolvency of their customers.  We also do all aspects of private secured lending work and guarantees to protect existing financial exposure to potentially struggling customers.  Our years of insolvency experience make us ideally placed to provide this protection to our solvent clients.