Do you have customers who owe you money? Do you feel uncomfortable in chasing these debts in case you upset the customer/ supplier relationship? If so then you are in the same position as almost every other business in the UK! We formed D£BTFAIR with you in mind to fill a need evident from the regularity of such issues that our clients were experiencing!

D£BTFAIR is not a debt collection department – this type of debt chasing is impersonal, perceived as impolite by customers and frankly relatively ineffective. D£BTFAIR is a debt solution department.

As insolvency law experts, Knox Insolvency are all too familiar with dealing with unpaid creditors when they are acting for insolvent clients. Knox Insolvency formed D£BTFAIR to provide its solvent clients with the benefit of its years of experience in order to try and prevent its clients from being one of those unpaid creditors on the insolvency of their own customers.  We cannot get blood out of a stone but, if the customer has any cash, we should be able to get this for our clients by making repaying our client a priority for the customer over and above their other creditors. We do this by a carefully designed bespoke approach to credit management as follows:

  1. All our D£BTFAIR clients attend one of our half day training sessions “How To Get Paid” teaching them the basics of trading terms, pricing, customer management and debt chasing and collection, priced;
  2. Following this training session, each client has a thirty minute follow up session with one of our Solicitors, where we discuss how their key trading terms can be reduced to a one-page summary, designed to eliminate all the key areas that cause difficulties for solicitors in the occasional event that litigation has to be commenced for debt recovery.  This is designed to stop debt collection incurring a large bill for you in the unlikely event that it proves necessary. This summary contains all the key points required to simplify the Court process and thus reduce your costs.  Furthermore, as the Court process will be simpler, the customer is far more likely to settle without the need for proceedings in the first place.  It is a win-win situation;
  3. We then work with the client to ensure that all new significant trading benefits from D£BTFAIR ’s bespoke benefits, including FREE access to our sophisticated limited company customer credit checking database that uses our advanced subscription software systems.  You can then  take an informed decision on whether or not to offer this new customer credit and, if so, on what terms.  We also offer our D£BTFAIR clients FREE customer monitoring for your existing limited company credit monitoring, so that we (and you) are notified in the event that they start to have Court judgments registered against them or other credit deterioration signs are noted.  This is a great way of highlighting that you need to chase them whilst they are still trading;

we do significantly discounted Solicitor’s “Letter Before Action” letters to chase the debt immediately it becomes overdue.  However, this approach is done in a very different way from a normal debt collection company, trying to work with your customer to assist them in collecting their own debts in order to free cash to pay you!  Most non-payment is due to inability to pay, so we deal with the source of the problem.  Your customers will thank you for calling in D£BTFAIR to assist you, as it will help them as well, so your trading relationships tend to be improved rather than harmed. However, you remain our first priority until your repayment.